Our Story

Our Story

A family business at heart

Groovy Moo began life in 2015 – and we’ve gone from strength to strength.

This is our story so far…

Ice cream heritage

Ice cream has been our family business for decades. Before Groovy Moo, founder Michelle ran a successful ice cream parlour in Bridlington with her husband Sean. The couple dreamed of creating their own ice cream – something that would really stand out in a sea of similar brands.

A family tragedy

When Sean was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, the family sold the business to spend time together at home. While looking after Sean, Michelle and her family discovered traditional Italian gelato, and started making it for the family. Together they started planning a new business, sticking to what they know best by planning there own brand of traditional artisan gelato.

The launch

Unfortunately, Sean never got to see the launch, but his legacy lives on in Groovy Moo. The first shop in Malton opened its doors in 2015 – and became an instant hit with locals and visitors alike! Word spread fast, and the business grew quickly.

Spreading the word

A new shop in Howden followed, and local restaurants and attractions across the region began to stock and serve Groovy Moo. Soon, Michelle couldn’t make enough gelato at home to meet demand – and invested in a larger production facility in Malton.

Into the future

We love what we do and want to share Groovy Moo with families across Yorkshire and beyond. Although we have ambitious plans to grow beyond our region, we’ll never lose sight of the things that make Groovy Moo so special.

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